Image by Esteban Lopez

Fox Farm Nutrients: Soluble Trio Bundle 6 ounce



Invite the whole family over. We designed our solubles to work together as part of a sequential feeding schedule for hydroponic and conventional growers. Using our high-performance plant foods on your plants is like putting your plants on an Olympic training diet. Check out Open Sesame�, Beastie Bloomz� and Cha Ching�, our trio of high-octane fertilizers, and see for yourself the advantage of a feeding schedule that maximizes performance. FoxFarm Feeding Schedule here.

For high-powered results, start indoor plants in our Light Warrior� Agro-Ponic� Grow Medium, and use our premium Ocean Forest� Potting Soil for container plants.

Open Sesame.

Bestie Bloomz.

Cha Ching.