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Learn to grow cannabis, safely.

The Bud's Tender Way

The Bud’s Tender is a harm reduction-based cannabis education and home cultivation service and supply company. 

The Bud’s Tender’s main goal is to educate people on the safe and legal growing and consumption of cannabis for both medical and recreational needs.

Using a harm reduction approach to ensure safe cannabis use is paramount. 

After your journey with The Bud’s Tender, you will have everything you need to start growing high-quality cannabis at home, for less than store-bought – much less!

A full suite of services also provides you a variety of in-home cultivation and education support all along the growing journey. 

Trimming, processing, and concentrating services complete the wide range of supports available to ensure a successful growing journey (these are to be available soon).

Book now and explore your options to grow cannabis at home, for a fraction of the cost of that sold from the Ontario Cannabis Store

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Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Our Services

An all in one service that provides all of the products you need to grow quality cannabis at home, the education you need to know how to grow cannabis successfully and understand the risks and benefits of this plant.

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About Ian - The Original Bud's Tender

Why Cannabis?

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to have a look! Second, let me tell you a bit about myself and WHY CANNABIS!

In short, I grew up in a home that alcohol was widely used.  It was normal for me to see it virtually every day.   Eventually, I grew up and began experiencing life myself. Alcohol began to take over my life.  It was a wonderful tool to help me forget about some of the nasties that life has to offer.  Unfortunately, it also fogged my decision-making, and I began making questionable choices that were affecting my family. Needless to say, I needed to change, and Cannabis significantly helped my journey.  It continues to be a very important tool that I use to keep my mental health in check, and in fact, allows it to thrive! I am happy to chat about everything that this plant has offered to me, just send me an email, and we can book some time to chat!